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LIFE COACHING IN MUNICH → set your goals and reach them

Achieve private or professional goals? Increase your self-esteem or social skills? Have a more fulfilling job? When you are stuck or discontent, life coaching can clarify issues that are meaningful to you. With a life coach standing by your side, you discover your inherent values, potentials and strengths

OUTCOME → new perspectives/ self-determined life

In a phase of re-orientation or adjustment, a view from the outside often opens up new perspectives. As a life coach in the center of Munich, I look at your needs and Emotions from a unbiased point of view. I offer you a professionally conducted conversation. You will be able to master your everyday life in a self-determined way.

BASIC METHODS → multidisciplinary approach

The issues that are resolved in the coaching conversation can be traced back to methods from positive psychology, interactive communication and philosophy. The approach in life coaching is therefore broad. Its captures all personal aspects.

TOPICS → personal development – social skills – Life fulfillment – Work

Life or personal coaching is particularly about private issues. I will help you with the implementation of goals and needs in the personal or social area. The main goal is helping you finding your long- and short-term goals, prioritizing your core values. Life Coaching also includes career satisfaction, a transition to fulfilling work.
The most common coaching topics can be found in the blogs below. They contain practical examples, based on anonymized case studies.

Wie überwinde ich meine Schüchternheit?

Wie überwinde ich meine Schüchternheit?

„Als mein Freund Schluss gemacht hat, wurde mir plötzlich bewusst, wie sehr mich die Anwesenheit von anderen einschüchtert. Im Grunde weiß ich nie so recht, worüber ich mit anderen reden soll. Schüchternheit war eigentlich nie ein Thema. Zusammen haben wir die Welt...

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Schwarze Rhetorik: wie wehre ich mich?

Schwarze Rhetorik: wie wehre ich mich?

Als Thomas zum Life Coaching kommt, wünscht er sich, etwas souveräner und schlagfertiger gegenüber seinen Kunden aufzutreten. Er erwähnt gleich am Anfang das Stichwort 'Rhetorik'. Nach einem Burnout als Angestellter hat er sich als Innenarchitekt selbstständig...

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