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My name is Timo ten Barge and I’ve been working with people for more than 20 years. First as a language teacher and for more than 12 years as a life coach. Since my studies – during which I studied psychology and philosophy – I have been interested in what needs and motivations people have and what goals they pursue.

The questions that fascinate me include how people communicate, what motivates people, how they spend (or idle away) their time.

It intrigues me why some people are more proactive (focus on eliminating problems before they have a chance to appear.) Or whether people or more reactive, (based on responding to events after they have happened).

Finally I am interested how people look for their place in life, what goals they have, through which they give their life meaning.

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  • Study of philosophy and psychology in Nijmegen, Ankara, Perugia and Berlin
  • Study of the history of culture and mentality at the University of Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Lecturer for Dutch and English at the adult education center and in various language schools in Berlin and Munich
  • Language lessons and intercultural training for international companies in and around Munich
  • Life coach in Munich
  • Expat Coach in Munich
  • Flirt Coach in Munich

Further education and trainings
  • Mimic resonance “Professional” with Dirk Eilert (Mimic resonance trainer)
  • Emotions, facial expressions and gestures with Dr. Hennenlotter (psychologist)
  • Socratic conversation with Jos Kessels (philosopher)
  • Gestalt therapy with Ulrike Lippoldmüller (psychologist)
  • NLP with Susanne Blum (Biolance / NLP trainer)
  • Systemic coaching with Maria Lehn (psychotherapist)
  • Every week I do supervisions with other coaches from different areas.
Skills in short

My strengths are a creative and analytical way of thinking combined with a high level of communication and empathy.

I have deepened these skills through my work as a language teacher and coach in international companies on the one hand and my personal intercultural background on the other.

My work as a coach is characterized by the fact that I can offer specific solutions from a broad spectrum of communication, psychology and philosophy.