Coaching procedure

The coaching process begins with the first contact, usually by mail or by phone. An important prerequisite is that the chemistry is right in order to build a basis of trust.

In the next step, we look together at which topics are of particular interest to you in coaching and consider how we can achieve the desired goal.

Then we talk about the scope of the coaching, the framework, the fee as well as the dates. The focus is on your needs, topics and goals.

Life coaching is a personal and confidential conversation. Everything we discuss together remains strictly confidential, of course.


Every question is looking for an answer, but first it is important to ask the right questions. Often the answer is then already within reach.

In general, the rule of thumb is that the clearer the objective, the more effective the coaching can be. It therefore makes sense to think about questions in advance:

  • Exactly what topics do I want to work on?
  • What is my goal – What do I wish for
  • What would be a good outcome for me at the end of the coaching process?

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