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Hello Timo,
through the coaching I realized that the pressure does not only come from the outside, but also from within.

I am finally ready to seriously consider a reorientation that you recommended. So I would like to book another coaching session with you to improve my communication skills and time management. Love greetings

19.02.2019 | Rikki


Dear Timo

After I finally got around to life coaching with you, I was very surprised at how many different aspects you have to consider, how complex your approach to burnout is . And how profound such coaching can be. In the meantime, I am doing well again!

Thanks to your type regarding sports and nutrition, and the unforgettable hiking coaching with you, I’m running again. So I also lost a few more pounds and became more resilient. Thank you!

03.04.2018 | Helene D.


Timo was super nice, helpful and positive! He tried very hard before the appointment and after. I will definitely do more coaching sessions with him :)!

09.12.2017 | Stephanie G.


A golden support! After my promotion, I had to speak and convince in public, which was extremely stressful for me. The coaching was really a discovery of my hidden abilities and gave me the key to overcome my fears. Timo is a very human and competent coach who immediately identifies the focus.

By alternating theory and exercises in real situations, I was clearly able to communicate better and more efficiently after a short time. A helpful experience that led me to success. Highly recommended!

04.06.2016 | Léa, graduate engineer in Munich


In a very difficult phase of life for me, I sought help and advice from Timo. As a life coach, he was able to work with me on my various issues effectively and very satisfactorily for me. This was achieved primarily through his open, sympathetic, appreciative manner and through his honest interest in me as a person. In this way, a very good basis of trust could be created, which allowed conversations with depth right from the start.

For me it was the best decision I could have made to tackle my problems with the help of an outside view, different methods, encouragement, patience and competence. Thank you for your help and for the beautiful and intense time. Life coaching with Timo has changed my life in a positive way.

06.09.2015 | Lisa Marie, Librarian in Munich


Hello Timo,

Wanted to thank you for your help, good advice, motivation, patience and time.

It was the best decision that I made to go for life coaching with you after my burnout and several hours of psychotherapy which unfortunately did not help me. Love greetings

25.10.2014 | Ulrike R.