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Individual Sessions (Online Business Coaching)

– 45 minutes by appointment
– 90 minutes by appointment



  • A package is significantly cheaper than individual appointments.
  • Compared to individual appointments, they help to stay on the ball permanently.
    We are in regular contact with each other during this time, at no additional charge.
  • After each session, there are tasks and exercises that focus on success and the achievement of
    personal goals.
  • A coaching package is more binding, it demands more commitment. It’s much easier that way,
    motivate yourself for the sessions.


Package 1 (Online Business Coaching)

-10×45 minutes by appointment


Package 2 (Online Business Coaching)

– 5×90 minutes by appointment



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Business Coaching Content


1. Appreciative communication and conflict management

  • 10 sessions of 45 minutes or 5 sessions of 90 minutes
  • This package promotes a positive culture of communication and teaches techniques for constructive conflict management.
  • A practical example could be how to deal with small or large conflict situations, using appreciative communication .



2. Professional Motivation and Personal Development

  • 10 sessions of 45 minutes or 5 sessions of 90 minutes
  • Here, the focus is on increasing professional motivation and individual development. Participants will be able to set clear professional goals , identify their talents, and plan a clear path for their professional development.
  • A practical example could be accompanying an employee who wants to clarify their professional ambitions and create an effective strategy for their development by identifying their values and goals.



3. Stress management and resilience promotion

  • 10 sessions of 45 minutes or 5 sessions of 90 minutes
  • This package focuses on managing stress and building employee resilience. In the sessions, stress reduction techniques are taught and participants learn how to deal resiliently with professional challenges.
  • A practical example could be supporting a team in coping with stressful project phases and fostering resilience in dealing with professional challenges.