What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching promotes mental and emotional abilities. It increases self-confidence and well-being, improves interpersonal communication and optimizes one’s own performance.

Clear communication reduces conflict situations and tensions. Life Coaching works in a solution-oriented way and increases the focus on one’s own goals. Enthusiasm and fun are important elements in achieving lasting success.


Strengths / Weaknesses Analysis

Those who invest in healthy self-confidence gain security and enjoyment of life. Life coaching is about bringing hidden qualities to light, recognizing one’s own strengths, weaknesses as well as many other facets of one’s own personality.

Man’s greatest obstacle on the way to becoming something is his belief in being something.Daniel Mühlemann, aphorist



Improve expression and body language

If you want to appear authentic and open to others, you should appear self-confident and choose your words in such a way that you convey presence and clarity through your own language. Not only at work, but also in everyday life it is important to be convincing in expression and body language.

It is not so easy to convey even the simplest thought with precision and in a concise manner. – C.N. Parkinson, historian


Expand performance spectrum

Life Coaching aims to expand the individual’s range of capabilities, whether interpersonal or professional. It helps in discovering or rediscovering one’s own resources and potentials. Only with this knowledge can goals be set that are optimally suited to one’s own abilities.

At all moments when we are doing our best, we are not working. Work is only a means to these moments. – Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher


Learning should be fun

In order to activate one’s own abilities, it is important that learning is fun. Life Coaching wants to create the conditions for this, because humorous interaction is also extremely important in coaching. Humor counteracts the heavy. It contrasts the heavy with the lightness.

Humor is not a gift of the mind, it is a gift of the heart. – Ludwig Börne, writer



Learn to learn by yourself

What constitutes success is a matter of opinion. Success exists on many levels, one achieves it privately, the other professionally. Life coaching helps individuals succeed by learning how to better structure their thoughts and use them in their best interest. The goal is to learn self-learning.

Every person is destined to be a success, and this world is destined to make that success possible. – Quote unknown