Workshop Resilience - Lifecoach München


  • Saturday 21 May 14.00 – 17.00
  • Friday 27 May 11.00 to 14.00



The 10 points test in the blog


What protective factors (resources) are being worked on?

The workshop focuses on 3 key factors that create more resilience:

1. higher self-worth: improve self-esteem
2. self-determined life: Finding ways out of external determination
3. intact social environment: improve social skills



I. Self-worth and self-compassion → with a focus on rethinking.

1. self-worth: how do I perceive myself and how do others perceive me?
2. mindset: how can I deal with successes and failures in a goal-oriented way?
3. self-compassion: what are my own needs? How can I regulate my emotions?


II. self-determination, self-efficacy and strengths → with a focus on action

1. self-determination: when was I last self-determined?
How do I become more self-determined?

2. self-efficacy: when was I last self-efficacious?
How do I become more self-effective?

3. strengths: How can I use my strengths in a target-oriented way?

4. values and goals: What are my values?
What are my goals?


III. empathy training → with a focus on goal-oriented communication and networks.

1. empathy exercises
2. facial expressions, gestures and body language (non-verbal communication)
3. deepen social network

N.b. Problems and concerns of the participants are included in the exercises.


Resilience: Resilient in times of stress and crisis

Resilience is the ability to draw on one’s own protective factors even in difficult times. This means that you can rely on your resources. The self is an important resource, but the social environment and communication also strengthen resilience.

Overall, it’s about not panicking and being paralyzed with fear in times of stress or in a crisis, but being able to act from a sense of self-efficacy.

In the workshop, you learn how to become more resilient. Resilient people can react flexibly to critical situations. They manage to withstand the pressure of stress and even emerge from the situation stronger and more motivated.


Possible problems and concerns

  • I want to reorient myself professionally, but I feel like I’m not doing anything right anymore.
  • To protect myself from burnout, I want to become more resilient.
  • I have become indifferent, want to feel happiness again.
  • I avoid problems, I want to be able to master conflicts with confidence.
  • I am too shy, I would like to broaden and deepen my social contacts.
  • My need for recognition is very high, I compare myself with people who live their vocation.
  • Due to the Corona crisis I am more irritable than usual, I can’t control my anger.