Why Life Coaching?

Life coaching will support you in decision making. It will simplify your pursuit of goals and mobilize various desires in private and professional life.

What can a Coach achieve?

In a phase of reorientation, an outside view often opens new horizons. As a coach I see your live world from a neutral point of view, I will be able to show you new perspectives.



A better Work-life balance.
Private or professional reorientation
–>  achieving more quality time

More clarity about your goals 
–>  developing solving-strategies


Effective and efficient communication
–> capture the complexity of communication

Strengthen confidence in your own abilities
–> improve your body language


Patterns of behaviour and thought
–> new ways of thinking (reframing)

Cross-cultural prority training for foreigners and expats
–> intergrating own values in the German culture


–> Deciding free through concious thinking: feeling more liberated and relaxed

Desire for more self-knowledge
–> allow self-reflection and change of perspectives